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My career started out of college working on weddings as an editor and videographer. That got old quick, so I searched for jobs/internships. That took me to taking a paid internship with Harvard University and their Athletics Department. I worked there for a year, came back to Michigan working for SMT (SportsMEDIA Technologies), Wayne State University, and Oakland University as a contracted employee basically. Eventually, that landed me a full-time job with Oakland University’s Academics Video Production Department.

From there, Athletics heard about me and my time at Harvard and pulled me over to their department. Currently I operate as the manager for our streamed productions on ESPN3, TV20, and Comcast 900 as well as the Senior Multimedia Specialist for video content for our fan engagement. I am responsible for creating new, innovative content, as well as producing intro videos every year. Now I am the Assistant Athletics Director for Video Operations at Houston.

What inspires you?
Honestly, what inspires me is finding a way to connect emotionally with our fans, students, and staff. Nothing is better than hearing that my latest video was “Sick” or “Dope” from one of our student fans. Of course, I am also motivated by my pipe dream that one day I’ll be managing media for a Premier League Soccer team…fingers crossed.

Who was your professional mentor?
My professional mentor turned out to be my supervisor from Harvard, his name is Imry Halevi and in terms of excellence in streaming broadcasts, he’s paved the way as an innovator and I always respected that, I still do.

image1What have you found is the best way to engage fans through digital content?
We’ve found keeping up with trends is the best, learning terminology from popular culture, and capitalizing on humor or excitement at the given time. It also always helps to be innovative or going the extra mile for our SA’s. They are always paying attention, even if it isn’t their respective sport. But in terms of a media outlet, Facebook still carries the most traffic for us, so it is key we fit in our content there but Instagram has grown pretty significantly as well.

What is something you still want to learn in this industry?
I would love to become more effective at the Producer role in a massive broadcast/streaming production, understanding details all the way down to the truck engineer and graphics operators. As for editing, I would really like to learn how to be more polished and efficient with 3D motion graphics.

What is your favorite music to listen to while working?
My favorite form of music to listen to is EDM: Trap, House, Trance, Drum and Bass, etc. Often times I find myself editing to this music or adding it to the appropriate video.

Do you have a must read/listen to blog or podcast?
I do stay in touch with SVG (Sports Video Group) and follow their articles. I came across them when they toured and asked for a presentation from us while I was at Harvard.

image2Is there an organization that you are passionate about? I am very passionate about Liverpool Football Club, obsessive really. It’s the one sports organization that I would drop everything to help out in some capacity.

If you are traveling for work, whether it be for a game or conference, what is your must-pack items(s)? Portable charger, noise canceling headphones, and my laptop because chances are I’ll need to edit something.

What is one thing your desk or in your office thatimage4 is unique and tell us the story behind it?
To be honest, I haven’t really personalized my desk but the one thing that is MINE (I share an office)  is probably my Romanian flag draping over my divider. It’s a symbol to my mother’s heritage that I am proud of.

What do you do in your downtime?
I tend to review/break-down well edited videos and figure out how they achieved certain effects. I enjoy playing soccer, running, lifting, gaming to stay close with a few of my friends that live far, and going out to see cool DJs or sporting events when I can.

Is there anyone that you feel does exceptional work that you look up to? It can be an individual or a department.                                                I really think Clemson’s Athletics Video Department does an outstanding job with their content and engagement with fans.