By: Emma Gresser – UC Athletics Communications

Snapchat is one of the fastest growing social platforms in the world. In a fast-paced environment like athletics, it is easy to get lost somewhere in between the competition season. It’s normal to look up a score but in essence, that does not truly give a first-hand experience. Snapchat allows viewers to be in two places at once. It is a way to show a team’s true colors instead of a strategic 140 characters. The approach to be a little more fun with less business humanizes the student-athlete.

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Student-Athlete Snapchat Takeovers

Student-athletes often seem like a world away. By giving them access to your school’s Snapchat account, fans get a “behind-the-scenes” look at what an average day, competition days, or other events are about. It is a fairly simple process. The SID can create a form on CBS Sports, SideArm Sports, etc. for student-athletes to fill out. The form includes what kind of content the student-athlete is looking to produce, when it would take place, how long they would like the Snapchat account, and obviously a statement to hold them accountable for their time with the account.

For example, if your team is traveling to a conference tournament, there is no better way to get the inside scope than to have a student-athlete personally film it. Encourage them to introduce themselves and the team, use geofilters where they are traveling, and make it unique. After their game, log on to the Snapchat account to save the story and then change the password so the account does not float around. Typically, passwords for the teams are simple so student-athletes and coaches can gain access as well as the SID. After you saved the story, you can use this content for other social platforms.



This cheap way of advertising is super attractive to the typical Snapchat user. It is a great way to get your university involved on local stories but also beyond. This year, Snapchat implemented the game stories that went viral. By adding a geofilter, you can maintain your branding and messaging notwithstanding the content of the individual. This grants your program credibility because the user feels confident in using your images. Besides location images, Snapchat is also famous for their enhancing filters. For example, a filter could be an image of a football helmet or basketball jersey. Fans immediately feel engaged. You can promote this by screenshotting their Snapchat can promoting it on other platforms.



Capture the fan, gameday operations and spirit squad experiences on your Snapchat. Any type of tailgate event has the potential to set the mood of your Snapchat story. There is a tremendous amount of effort that goes into each game. Add coverage of your set up from an operations take. In addition, spirit squads will also engage the fans even through a phone. Gameday stories tend to be about 5-10 minutes long by the end of the game. Again, the stories can then be saved and used for other social platforms.

So the next time you want to reach fans, try the 77% of college students using Snapchat everyday. Or, if you want to reach anyone with a Snapchat account, try the “Our Campus Story” and create your own geofilter. Allow your account to get creative with the messaging to students, alumni, fans, etc.